Sequel to the very best Star Wars sport for VR lands on Oculus Quest 2 later this yr

Yesterday’s Oculus Gaming Showcase revealed some of the new titles for the company’s best VR headset, the Quest 2, and it’s an especially exciting time if you’re a Star Wars fan. Star Wars Pinball starts next week and the second part of Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is planned for the end of this year.

The first track was a bit shorter at around four hours, so a sequel announced so soon after the original was released in November 2020 is welcome news. Oculus is not yet announcing a specific release date for the game, so we could wait a few more months. A VR pinball game could fill that Star Wars void in the meantime if it lands on April 29th, as you can explore and decorate a nostalgic space called the Fan Cave, as well as compete for the top of the leaderboard.

Star Wars isn’t the only thing that emerges from Oculus’ presentation. Capcom’s 16-year-old Resident Evil 4 will also get its own VR version, but with a few changes compared to the original. You can wield weapons with two weapons and swap weapons by taking them from yourself instead of navigating through menus.

The Quest 2 is currently the top choice for a VR headset, especially if you are grappling with the current shortage of GPU inventory. Thanks to the integrated ARM chip, you can use it without being tied to a gaming PC. This will allow you to play the best VR games of 2021 smoothly even if your current rig is not up to date.

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