Reasonably priced 26 Foot Oculus Hyperlink Cable for Oculus Quest With USB Extender

With Oculus Link, Oculus Quest can be turned into a PC VR headset by connecting it to a VR-enabled PC. While Oculus sells its own (fairly expensive) Oculus Link cable, any suitably high-performance USB 3.0 cable will work. Here is an option for a cable and extender that allows you to get even more length than the official cable for less than half the cost.

Image courtesy of Oculus

Oculus has developed its own Oculus Link cable that is long, light and thin. Granted, beyond the $ 80 price tag, it’s virtually impossible to buy right now due to manufacturing bottlenecks due to the coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately, the Oculus Quest has an alternative cable that, while not quite as thin, is longer, cheaper, and available today.

We have had success with Quest and Oculus Link on PC with this cable and active USB extender that reaches 26 feet.

At 34 and 26 feet, this combo is $ 46 cheaper than the official Oculus Link cable and 10 feet longer.

Oculus Link is still in beta, but it works well enough to turn Quest into a full-featured PC VR headset that can play Oculus PC and SteamVR games. You will of course need a VR ready PC (see here to find out if you have the hardware required).

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