Oculus Quest 2 Will get PC VR Air Hyperlink, 120 Hz, And Desk Assist

The latest update from Facebook to the Oculus Quest 2 software will add an Air Link mode to play PC VR games wirelessly.

The v28 update also includes 120Hz support for Quest 2, as well as Infinite Office updates that include turning on your desk in VR and the ability to see a Bluetooth-enabled Logitech K830 keyboard that matches its actual location in your Room is synchronized.

To update: Facebook has confirmed to UploadVR that some features, including Air Link, will be exclusive to Quest 2 at launch and will not be available for the original Quest. “The ability to bring your physical desk into VR will be available in Quest 1.” Facebook said in a statement. “The other features in the release (120 Hz, Air Link, and physical keyboard tracking) won’t be available until Quest 2 launches.” The original story goes below.

According to a blog post on Facebook, here are the steps to enable Air Link once you get the v28 update, which will be gradual:

While Air Link is an experimental feature, not every network and PC setup is ideal. We’re continuing to improve Air Link’s performance and compatibility for various configurations. In the meantime, check out our guide for best practices, known issues, and information on whether your setup should work well with Air Link. We recommend following the guidelines we provide to ensure the best experience possible. These include: Only use Air Link on a secure WiFi network that you trust. Use a 5 GHz network on an AC or AX router connected to your PC with an Ethernet cable. and make sure your PC meets the Oculus Link requirements.

To get started with Air Link after the launch: First, download and install the Oculus PC app if you haven’t already. You need the PC software v28, which will be available shortly. Then navigate to Settings → Beta in the PC app and activate the Air Link switch. Then put on your Quest 2 headset, navigate to Settings → Experimental, and enable Air Link. To deactivate Air Link and use Link again with a USB-C cable, you must deactivate Air Link in the experiment field.

We will work to improve Air Link over time, including performance, visual quality, and the ability to run in less than ideal wireless scenarios. We look forward to community feedback while Air Link is in experimental mode. You can send feedback and bug reports through support.oculus.com.

The Air Link PC VR Streaming feature is similar in functionality to the work popularized by Guy Godin’s Virtual Desktop. The developer was banned from releasing its feature on the Oculus Quest Store for some time – it required a sideload to activate – until Facebook added it to its store release in February of this year. We asked Godin for a comment on the Air Link feature.

Godin’s full comment by direct message to UploadVR:

“In 2017, Facebook copied the basic functionality of Virtual Desktop on Rift and integrated it into the platform, making my app essentially out of date. I’m not surprised they do this again on Quest. They copied the YUR fitness tracking app last year and released Oculus Move. essentially killing the company. They also released App Lab when they saw how popular SideQuest was. They do that. If you have a popular app on Quest today, expect Facebook to copy you and leave you in the dust. As for the fate of Virtual Desktop on Quest, we have to see how Facebook’s solution competes. Given the number of problems the Oculus Link is facing today, I’m confident that Virtual Desktop will remain a valuable solution for a while. I also have a lot of cool features in the works that I can’t wait to share with the community. “

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, wrote in his account: “The software update for Quest v28 will be available soon with Air Link (wireless streaming games from your PC), 120 Hz, app subscriptions and Infinite Office updates. Lots of progress in building the metaverse. “

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