Oculus Quest 2 wi-fi charging dock from Anker ought to’ve been normal

Anker revealed a wireless charging cradle for the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset which, if you ask us, should be standard. The dock looks like it was made for the device. The charging situation of the user’s VR headset can be made a little easier via the dock.

You don’t need this device, but that’s not the point. When it comes to a device like a VR headset, everything on the machine isn’t strictly necessary. It’s not a device that you probably need to own in order to get your job done or to survive in a meaningful way. It’s mostly there for fun.

As such, it falls in the same area as a device like an Xbox or a PlayStation. Hence, the dock’s helpfulness, as we addressed it recently, is an attractive value proposition.

Similar to this dock, this anchor dock contains rechargeable battery units for the Oculus Quest 2. The docking station also contains replacement back panels for the controllers, converting the controllers from the required battery replacement to wireless, charge-friendly units.

The dock also contains a part that converts the USB-C port on the Oculus Quest 2 headset into a wireless charging point. This point then touches the charging point in the dock so that it can also be charged wirelessly.

When the simplicity of this setup wasn’t convincing enough, Anker also worked with Oculus to bring the device up for sale on Oculus.com. That is a noteworthy confirmation. The only thing less than exciting is the cost.

The Anchor Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2 will cost you a cool $ 86.99 straight away. If you already own the headset, this cost might not be a deal breaker. If you’re just buying the headset new, that’s almost a third of the cost of the headset. It’s all a matter of perspective!

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