Oculus Quest 2 VR headset already has a successor on the way in which, says Zuckerberg

A successor to the Oculus Quest 2 seems to have been confirmed by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg in a January earnings call that focused on the VR headset.

The Oculus Quest 2 was widely recognized as a success and continued to penetrate the mainstream consumer market with its controlled prices – even cheaper than the original Quest with better performance. It received 4.5 stars in our Quest 2 test.

In an interview with investors, Zuckerberg confirmed: “We are still working on new hardware. The new hardware will fit on the same platform, so the content of Quest 2 should be forward compatible so that we can build a larger installation base around the existing virtual reality headsets. “

These comments certainly make it sound like an Oculus Quest 3 is in the works, though vague confirmation to investors doesn’t mean a release date is coming soon.

It’s worth noting that the Quest 2 launched in October 2020, just a year and a half after the original model. Given this timeline, it is possible that we will see Quest 3 in early 2022 that is not very far away.

We anticipate the Quest 3 will continue to be a standalone VR headset, with increases in resolution, battery life, and processing power, as we’ve seen on the previous iteration (the Quest 2’s resolution is 50% sharper than the of the predecessor). A Facebook account will almost certainly still be required to access the platform, however, so anyone looking to stay out of the Facebook ecosystem will likely want to look elsewhere.

The Quest 2’s increased 90Hz refresh rate is very much to be welcomed, although we assume we won’t see this spike just yet, as it isn’t widely supported in most Oculus VR games yet.

Practically alone

Oculus Quest 2

(Photo credit: Oculus / Facebook)

No official sales figures have been confirmed for the Quest 2, but we do know it has received five times as many pre-orders as the original model, showing a significant surge in interest – and a year of lockdowns and indoor entertainment is likely to keep growing .

Zuckerberg makes it clear that he doesn’t see Quest 2 as the mainstream cracked yet – as reported by RoadtoVR, the tech magnate stated in 2018 that it would take 10 million VR users to ensure that the Oculus platform was “sustainable and profitable for all “be types of developers. And once we cross that threshold, we think the contents and ecosystem are just going to explode. “

The competition is certainly hovering nearby: the valve index is our number one choice among the VR headsets we tested, but transistor shortages effectively stopped production over the past year, making one very difficult to find and leaving a huge void on it fill the market for Oculus.

There are also rumors of an Apple VR headset that could mean competition – but with Oculus already out on the market with millions of users and otherwise barely approaching mainstream pricing, the war seems to have already been won.

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