Oculus Quest 2 Surpasses Authentic’s Month-to-month Energetic Base in 7 Weeks – VRFocus

In any case, the October 2020 launch of Oculus Quest 2 was a huge success, from pre-orders that exceeded Facebook’s expectations to Superdata’s latest research that showed the standalone sector grew 19%. The latest news about its popularity shows that more people are active on the platform, quickly surpassing the original headset.

In a new blog post Andrew Bosworth, Head of Facebook Reality Labs, who recently ran AMAs on Instagram, said, “Oculus Quest 2 is our fastest growing VR headset, thanks to the convergence of leading VR form factors and content from our developers -Community created. “He went on to say,” Quest 2 exceeded the monthly active people of the original Quest in less than 7 weeks. “

As usual, Facebook didn’t publish any actual numbers, so there is no telling how many there actually are. Bosworth continued, “More people are using it to keep fit, play games with friends, and collaborate at work. More women are using Quest 2 than any of our previous headsets.”

He doesn’t just look back on the last three months and reveal some things to expect in 2021. “We’re giving more options and control over how to display in VR, including personal and privacy controls,” adds Bosman, part of the large Facebook account Login Furore that saw the end of Oculus accounts.

Facebook Horizon

Facebook Horizon, which is currently only available as an invite-only beta, has also been mentioned, indicating that the social platform’s official release will be in 2021. Released during Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) in 2019, and since beta launched early last year, these early testers have created content so new users can explore places before creating their own worlds.

With pandemic lockdowns largely ongoing in the near future, online social and work interactions will become even more important than ever, with Oculus Quest 2 and Facebook Horizon playing a major role. Check out more updates from Facebook Reality Labs below VRFocus.

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