Oculus Quest 2 Surpasses Authentic Quest in Month-to-month Energetic Customers – Street to VR

Looking back at 2020, Andrew Bosworth, director of the Facebook Reality Lab, revealed that Quest 2 quietly celebrated some new milestones shortly after its launch on October 13th.

In the blog post, Bosworth says that despite the need for social distancing, 2020 was actually a great year for the company in terms of growing virtual reality.

“VR had an enormous year. Oculus Quest 2 is our fastest growing VR headset thanks to the convergence of leading VR form factors and content created by our developer community. “

Bosworth didn’t mention any hard numbers, but he says Quest 2 “surpassed the original Quest’s monthly active people in less than 7 weeks,” an impressive feat.

A Facebook spokesperson told Road to VR that this is based on simultaneous measurements between the two headsets. However, Quest 2 has since surpassed Quest 1’s record number of monthly active users, according to the company.

Photo from Road to VR

Given that the original Quest managed to generate $ 150 million in revenue from apps and games – calculated from its launch in 2019 until just before Quest 2’s release – there’s no telling what Quest will do 2 in the same period.

More women are now using Quest 2 than any of their previous headsets, according to Bosworth. According to Facebook, this is based on the total percentage rather than just a raw number.

None of this is really surprising. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, reported shortly after its launch that Quest 2 had generated five times the number of pre-orders over the original, so Quest 2 was well positioned to be a hit. Granted, it is a conquered market where many people are affected by home work. However, according to Bosworth, the company is also focusing on providing work-from-home solutions to fill the obvious gaps.

“This year we’re taking steps to make immersive experiences more social with Facebook Horizon,” he says, referring to the company’s social VR platform, which is still in beta. “And as the office concept evolves, we are expanding our ability to have a meaningful social presence in virtual workspaces.”

What does Facebook have in store for 2021? Aside from Horizon being released to regular users at some point, it’s hard to tell. We know the company will be shipping AR glasses for up to a day thanks to its research on Project Aria, sensor-rich glasses that the company will use to train its AR perception systems and assess the public’s perception of the technology. This is unlikely, however, with this coming soon, we can’t wait to see where the company goes in the meantime.

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