Oculus Quest 2 simply received lots higher for iPhone house owners

The Oculus Quest 2 continues to top our best VR headset roundup. With this new update from Facebook, which includes the first Oculus Quest, iPhone users can view their lock screen notifications in virtual reality

Oculus Update v29 adds the new feature and forwards your iOS phone notifications through the Oculus app. Before long, real life interruptions that destroy the VR illusion of Ouest headsets will be a thing of the past.

The new notification function is now only available for iOS. However, Facebook adds that Android support “will be available soon” too. The feature is part of Facebook’s wider Infinite Office drive, which allows users to manage their real world workloads in a virtual reality environment.

Data protection shouldn’t be a problem either: Notifications are only visible to the specified user and, according to Facebook, “… are not visible to any other account holder who is logged into the headset”.

Other new features include the ability for users to overlay their real bodies with games through their phone’s camera. With the name Live Overlay, users can also couple the body shifting function in VR apps with recording and casting options.

If you’re interested in more manageable updates, Facebook has also introduced a new file management utility that lets you “access, browse, manage, share, and upload files that are on your headset in multiple locations in VR” .

If all of this got you excited, check out our article on how to buy the Oculus Quest 2 to see if you can grab one as there have been stock issues recently. While there are definitely more expensive and probably more powerful headsets on the market like the Valve Index or the HTC Vive, the Quest 2’s cost-performance ratio is unmatched. And with features like Air Link that allow users to wirelessly connect their Oculus Quest 2 to their PCs, VR becomes even more hassle-free. On the active Virtual Reality subreddit, many recommend the Oculus Quest 2 over others for this feature alone. Although many also complain of having to create and link a Facebook account.

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