Oculus Quest 2 simply received an enormous improve — right here’s learn how to use it

Oculus Quest 2 and Quest users can use Facebook Messenger without leaving the virtual reality world.

Platform owner Facebook announced that Messenger support for the pair of all-in-one VR headsets is currently being rolled out. Non-Quest users can send messages with a Quest or Quest 2.

Using Messenger in VR isn’t as difficult as it sounds. To chat, users can write in VR, use pre-written call starters, or use the voice-to-text feature.

The other cool feature is that multiple Oculus Quest users can easily form a group in Messenger and start a game together. Switching between Facebook accounts makes it easy for other family members to play with their friends if they choose VR.

Facebook would like to emphasize that the Messenger update is not just about communication between VR players, but a tool for more comprehensive interactions within and around virtual experiences.

“We also want to bring people together and make it easier than ever to join your friends and family in VR. That means it’s easier to find your friends and family in VR,” explained Facebook. “This week we’re rolling out Messenger to VR and helping you communicate with the special people in your life – whether you’re competing on Beat Saber, meeting and watching a performance at venues, or just chatting about what you’re doing there are dinners without taking off the headset. ”

This update includes the App Lab app, a new way for developers to share their latest ideas or ongoing projects with the Oculus Community for testing. This makes it much easier for developers to get feedback, and users don’t have to go through a complicated process of sideloading software.

Update v25 will be introduced gradually. Some users may get it sooner than others.

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