Oculus Quest 2 repair resolves Air Hyperlink juddering on Home windows 11

A new Oculus Quest 2 fix has landed, and it resolves juddering Air Link issues on Windows 11. While Meta previously stated that it was still working on a solution for its VR headset hiccups, a patch is seemingly available through the Public Test Channel.

Highlighted by UploadVR, the OculusQuest 2 fix can now be activated using Meta’s Public Test Channel, which can be found within the headset app’s beta settings. The patch arrives much earlier than previously anticipated, as Meta’s consulting chief technology officer (and co-creator of Doom) John Carmack said he wasn’t sure when it would land.

If you use a Windows 11 gaming PC to play the best VR games, this Oculus Quest 2 fix will come as a relief. It’s needless to say that juddering effects are immersion breaking, not to mention they’ll make most people feel nauseous. UploadVR caveats that occasional jitters could still pop up during gameplay, but the patch seems to mostly fix the operating system’s Air Link issues.

Wireless VR is becoming more of a thing, with products like Zotac’s backpack PC contributing to cord-cutting efforts. There’s even a new Air Bridge adapter on the way, which enables enthusiasts to connect directly to a gaming PC instead of using WI-FI. Air Link itself has received some love and attention from Meta too, as AFI streaming reduces stuttering and improves connectivity.

Meta’s has a lot on its VR plate, as it’s planning to release an Oculus Quest 3 and its Project Cambria mixed reality headset. If the company can nail both its standalone virtual reality experience and gaming PC compatibility, it could stay perched at the top. That said, recent branding decisions and Facebook login requirements might persuade some Quest owners to pick up an alternative, especially if more competitors like the Pico Neo 3 arrive on the VR scene.

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