Oculus Quest 2 Prime Day deal helps you to expertise the digital world for much less

You can grab the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and explore a whole new universe for less, thanks to the annual Amazon Prime Day sales by either getting yourself a discount or claiming a free gift voucher.

Amazon Prime Day is often a source of great deals and this is no different, you can save $50 (opens in new tab) on a model that sits at the top of our best VR headsets guide. It’s worth noting you can grab that deal if you’re happy with a renewed model (the renewed model comes with a one year manufacturers warranty) but if you’re not, you can still get the regular price of an Oculus Quest 2 and claim a free $25 Amazon gift card.

Because it’s Amazon Prime Day, there’ll never be a better time to claim a $25 Amazon gift card (opens in new tab), so it’s not a deal to easily pass up. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best VR headset deals around at the moment and not just because of the saving, the Oculus Quest 2 is lightweight (weighing just 500 grams), durable and flexible, meaning it’s comfortable to wear and if you drop it or it takes a minor knock, it’s likely it will not break. If you’re still unsure, you can read our Oculus Quest 2 review, we like this VR headset, and these deals a lot.

What makes the Oculus Quest 2 stand out in our best VR headsets is its value. The low price and its ability to be used in multiple formats is a great bonus. You can pivot between standalone VR gaming, or tethering to a PC if you’d like a more powerful experience.

Comfort is a huge factor in VR headset use, and our testing has shown the compact and lightweight design will reduce neck strain.

Performance is stellar on this headset, with a Snapdragon XR2 chip and 6 GB of memory. While not a 4K headset, graphics are sharp and there are no frustrating slowdowns that snap you out of immersion. The no-wire setup for Oculus games helps you or your child avoid unintended tangles, and the battery lasts for an impressive two to three hours.

You can benefit from a PC gaming environment too, as long as you tether with an Oculus Link compatible cable (ideally to a USB 3.0 port to get maximum speed.) Just check your PC carefully to make sure it can support the high resolution required for PCVR gaming.

Happily, setup is fairly intuitive and you can easily change the visual clarity and guardian boundary to stay safe in your gaming room. Setup requires two hours of charging, a Facebook account and the Oculus app on iOS or Android.

Do dive in quickly to this Prime Day deal before the price vanishes out of our reality.

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If you have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is a similarly priced alternative. This headset allows for PlayStation exclusive VR or VR-supported titles such as Resident Evil 7, Hitman 3, and Blood & Truth. The PSVR 2 will be available as soon as 2022, and we’ve already received some teasers about the features.

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If you want Virtual Reality in 5K and have a powerful PC, the HTC VIVE Pro 2 has incredible visual quality and great comfort. Make sure your PC can support high-resolution frame rates, however.

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