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Following the recent problems Facebook had with the two versions of the Elite Strap for Oculus Quest 2 – they’re now back on sale – the company has now started handling new complaints. It has been reported that a very small number of customers experienced skin irritation from the foam on the face surface. So Facebook is tackling the problem head on by developing a replacement program.

A new blog post from Oculus states, “We have received reports of skin irritation from around 0.01% of Quest 2 users occurring where the foam portion of the Quest 2 headset rests on their face.” Though a lot If the percentage is small, any kind of discomfort will affect a player’s enjoyment, no matter how mild the reaction may be.

There could be a number of reasons why this is the case with Oculus: “As part of our investigation, we are investigating possible causes and have already made changes to the Quest 2 manufacturing process that we believe exist to address the reported effects . We now confirm the effectiveness of these changes. “

The company is: “Working with Experts in Dermatology and Toxicology” to understand the root cause of these reports, which are inconsistent with the common “VR Face” print marks you may receive. “These experts told us that this irritation is not an allergic reaction or a serious medical condition and should go away on its own. However, out of caution, we are passing on more information about it, ”the statement said.

Oculus Quest 2Oculus Quest 2 with Elite Strap + battery accessories

If you have experienced irritation due to the foam interface, Oculus is currently developing a facial interface replacement program for everyone. Live once VRFocus I’ll let you know.

First-party products like the Elite Strap are designed to improve comfort. However, there are third-party solutions like VR Cover that may be suitable for some users.

It’s a problem Facebook wants to resolve quickly as the sale of the Oculus Quest 2 “exceeded our expectations,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent call for earnings. While the rollout didn’t go as smoothly as the original Quest, many developers got behind the new platform and released updates for their games that use the additional computing power. Read on for more announcements VRFocus.

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