Oculus Quest 2 is promoting “past what we anticipated” says Fb

The latest updates to the Oculus Quest 2 version show that, despite all the turmoil over the need for a Facebook account to access the device, the technology is selling exceptionally well. TechPowerup alerted us that the stats for Quest 2 seem to be looking good.

Chris Pruett, Director of Content Ecosystem at Facebook at Oculus, appeared delighted with the unprecedented success of Quest 2 in his interview with Protocol Gaming. He notes that the team “really couldn’t be happier,” that not only did the sales “maybe a little above what we expected,” but that they sold much faster, and unlike some manufacturers, they did fumbling around in the current technological climate * cough * Nvidia * cough *, Facebook has managed to keep up with the excruciating demand.

It’s hard to get exact sales numbers right now, but it’s telling that 80-90% of recent Rec Room accounts are created by new VR users. This indicates a massive outbreak of people trying out the wonders of VR for the first time. This was further compounded by the fact that on the Oculus 2 launch day at 7 p.m. PT, there were more Quest 2 users floating around the Rec Room than original Quest users.

Shawn Whiting, the community leader at Rec Room Inc., underscored this by announcing that the launch of Quest 2 was 250% bigger than that of its predecessor.

Pruett notes that since the Oculus Quest 2 announcement, he has been “inundated” by developer inquiries. We therefore expect many great developers to jump on board with titles like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners from Skydance Interactive. and soon the red matter of the vertical robot. Pruett made clear the goal of making Oculus 2 an everyday home appliance, stating that it should be “something that is very sensible to find in every household”.

All the signs suggest that the future of VR is positive as long as people don’t mind that Facebook has access to their data (honestly, if you’re against it, “just don’t buy” our Jacob says).

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