Oculus Quest 2 is getting two killer upgrades subsequent month

Oculus Quest 2 buyers and owners will be delighted as Oculus has announced that this VR headset will receive support for multiple user accounts and device-specific app sharing starting next month.

This means that multiple users can sign in to a single headset and share the same app library. So stop buying multiple headsets and duplicating apps so everyone can do things their own way.

This upgrade will be introduced as an experimental feature for Quest 2 owners before rolling over to the original Oculus Quest headset at a later date. It is not known exactly when the changes will be made, although app developers have until February 12 to turn off app sharing.

Starting February 13th, app sharing will be automatically enabled, indicating that the feature will be available to users from then on.

This is how sharing Oculus Quest 2 apps works

Oculus Quest 2 primary account holders can add up to three secondary accounts to their headset, all of which can access authorized shared apps through that single headset. Obviously, Oculus wants you to buy more than one in order for this feature to expand in the future and for a primary account holder to share their apps on three different Quest devices.

That’s the plan for now anyway, as the announcement stated that the number of secondary devices and accounts may change based on customer feedback. So these numbers can go up or down. It’s also not clear if Oculus is preventing people from sharing apps when they don’t live together.

Unfortunately, this system has some limitations. Secondary account holders who buy their own apps cannot share them with other users. For some reason, this is a right reserved only for the main account holder. However, shared apps can run on multiple devices at the same time unless you try to use the primary account on both headsets.

All of these accounts must be linked to your Facebook account as this is now mandatory for all Oculus users.

In any case, this is all great news for Oculus Quest owners. The announcement claims this is to help “grow the VR community, promote apps and prevent piracy”.

Whatever you think about it, the fact that people can have their own account space without necessarily having to spend $ 299 on their own headset is definitely a good thing. Especially when it also means you don’t have to buy the same app or game multiple times.

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