Oculus Quest 2 Inventory Verify – The place to Search for Remaining Inventory

With the holidays approaching quickly, it becomes increasingly difficult to find Quest 2 stocks. Many retailers list the 64GB version of the headset as reordered. However, if you hope one gets delivered in time for Christmas, you might be in luck.

Updated December 7, 2020

At the time the headset was launched, Facebook announced to Road to VR that the company was planning to manufacture “many more” units of Quest 2 than the original Quest headset, which was very difficult to find this past holiday season.

Despite additional manufacturing and logistics challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic, Quest 2 stock was relatively easy to find across both Oculus and third-party suppliers through Cyber ​​Monday, but as the year ends, we’re starting to see the cheapest model among many Reordered from retailers.

Oculus Quest 2 & Rift S inventory control

We have reviewed Oculus.com direct stock availability for Quest 2 (64GB), Quest 2 (256GB), and Rift S in all regions where the headsets are sold. The latest shows shipping delays of one to two weeks for the 64GB model, which is still in time for Christmas in most regions. The biggest delays are in Canada, where the headset is not expected to ship until the first week of January.

Meanwhile, the 256GB version of Quest 2 is widely available in most countries (with the exception of Canada) and is shipping out promptly.

See table for: 11/23/20 | 11/25/20 | 11/26/20 | 11/27/20 | 11/29/20 | 11/30/20 | 01.12.2020 | 03.12.2020 | December 4th, 2020

The availability of the Rift S has also been consistent so far, although with Oculus’ announcement that it will end the Rift line in 2021, lower demand for the headset is expected as the company relies entirely on stand-alone VR headsets with optional PC Concentrated tethering.

Many third-party Quest 2 dealers are seeing reorders, especially for the 64GB model. Therefore, buying direct from Oculus may be the best option to get the headset delivered as soon as possible. Depending on your region, supplies may still be available. Below is an overview of where else you might be able to find inventory.

Where can I buy Quest 2 and check for inventory?

Quest 2 stock is getting scarcer this holiday season. If you can’t find it directly on Oculus, here is a full list of official third-party suppliers in each country, including the local MSRP, so you know you’re getting the right price.

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