Oculus Quest 2 gamers make up practically half of Rec Room’s 1 million VR-using MAUs

Rec Room Inc., the developers of the social space and game creation platform Rec Room, states that the game has around 1 million monthly active users on VR platforms alone.

This update is part of a chat with Road To VR (found here in full) in which the game’s developers discover that half of VR gamers are already using the Oculus Quest 2, a relatively new device that only appeared a few months ago was launched in mid-October 2020.

The 1 million VR MAU milestone is nearly 5 years in Rec Room’s life, but the team notes that its user base outside of VR (including those on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X | S, PC and iOS) is huge is bigger than its VR player pool.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S are the newest platforms from Rec Room. They didn’t launch for Xbox until December 2020 when the studio raised an additional $ 20 million in funding to expand the game’s reach.

To date, Rec Room Inc has raised $ 49 million to establish Rec Room as a competitor in the game creation platform space alongside user-generated content giant Roblox.

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