New Oculus Quest 2 avatars shall be throughout Fb quickly

Facebook has started rolling out Oculus Avatars 2.0, its updated, player-created avatar system, to Oculus Quest devices. Oculus Avatars 2.0 will eventually be available on all Facebook platforms, including Messenger, Instagram and the Facebook social network app.

The new Oculus Avatars 2.0 offer created avatars a visual facelift compared to the previous iteration with improved facial functions and animations, reports RoadToVR. The avatars will also be incorporated into games developed for Oculus Quest 2 and other Facebook VR devices.

Three Oculus games already offer the integration of Oculus Avatars 2.0 – Epic Roller Coasters, Topgolf with Pro Putt and PokerStars VR. In the future, the avatars will be added to other games via updates, including ForeVR Bowling and Synth Riders.

New Oculus, new you

Oculus Avatars 2.0 seems to find a sweet spot between the avatar offerings of competing tech companies. Nintendo’s Miis are widely used in all games and apps, but they use very simple details. At the other end of the spectrum are Xbox avatars that are very detailed and rich in appearance, clothing, and accessories, but lack the widespread integration that Miis enjoy.

The new Oculus Avatars have an impressive amount of detail and it seems that Facebook and Oculus have big plans for them in the near future. In addition to the games mentioned above, avatars you created in Oculus Avatars 2.0 can be used in Facebook Horizon, the social media giant’s own VR app, which is currently in a closed beta.

Custom avatars could then experience some sort of resurgence. The introduction of Oculus Avatars 2.0 follows shortly after the renewal of the PlayStation Home brand by Sony. While this might just be a refresh and nothing more, it certainly brought back the social media experiment of PlayStation as the predecessor of popular apps like VRChat and Rec Room, both of which are compatible with Oculus Quest devices.

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