Monitor Your Energy Whereas Digital Exercising In Synth Riders Health

Kluge Interactive has announced a fitness update for Synth Riders that allows players to track their workout progress thanks to VR Fitness Tracker.

With this virtual clock, players can monitor their heart rate, number of squats, calories burned and progress. The update also features fitness workouts where the transitions go more smoothly. The “non-stop mode” offers an uninterrupted flow of music and physical activity.

Synth Riders players can connect with others with up to 10 players per room. In addition to connecting via voice chat and competing for high scores, players can now also see other players’ avatars in the lobby.

What is Synth Rider?

Synth Riders is an action rhythm VR game that features a unique combination of dancing and enjoyable physical training that can not only help players burn some calories but also relieve stress and improve their mood. The game offers 33 songs in different genres, official support for custom songs (including on the Oculus Quest) and cross-platform multiplayer.

The developer has also created training courses for “Synth Sundays” in which users can train virtually during this Corona Virus quarantine. Players can meet Carize and HeyFalcon, pro Twitch streamers and trainers, who conduct training sessions across open spaces in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Classes begin this Sunday, April 5th at 1:00 p.m. PST and occur every week.


● In-game calorie counting with Fitness Tracker

● Non-stop game mode for continuous training

● Larger play area modifier for more body movement

● The multiplayer limit has been increased from 5 to 10 players per room

● Players are now represented by avatars in the room lobby

● A bonus free song “Phoenix” by Raizer (FiXT Label)

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