Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 charging port melting for a lot of customers

Meta’s Oculus Quest is an all-in-one VR headset that gives users an immersive experience within the new virtual worlds.

However, we have reported various bugs and issues related to the devices. For instance, the Oculus Quest stopped charging past a certain percentage for some in the past.

Lately, users are concerned about another charging issue where some USB cables are melting the port.

Oculus Quest 2 charging port melting

Some Oculus Quest 2 users (1,2,3,4,5,6) have been reporting an issue where the charging port is melting due to overheating.


I was cleaning up around my house when I smelled smoke coming from my room. Ran in my room to find my Quest 2 smoking and the charger port was melting. I got a second-degree burn on my hands from struggling to unplug the Quest 2 from the charger.

The issue is quite alarming because there are some users who have or may have gotten seriously injured.

Do note that the melting problem occurs while using both third-party cables and native charging cables.

We’ve added a picture of one of the affected devices below for your reference:

Oculus-Quest-2-charging-port-meltingSource (Click/tap to view)

Here’s how you can avoid melting issues

Since most of the reports are from users who used a foreign or third-party cable need to stop using them and resort to high-quality USB cables.

It is pretty much always caused by damaged connectors. Use high-quality cables and take care of them and you won’t have a problem.

If you don’t properly secure your cables to the head-strap to prevent any force from being placed on the port, it can take as little as tripping over your cable once to damage your quest.

Users are also suggested to use 5V charging bricks as the headset is only rated for lower voltages.


It seems that Meta hasn’t commented on the issue yet so those affected should religiously follow the above-mentioned pointers.

We hope that the issue gets fixed soon so that users can charge their devices without worrying and getting hurt.

We’ll keep tabs on the latest developments and update the article accordingly.

Featured image source: Meta

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