Meta Quest 2 Equipment That Will Improve Your VR Gaming Expertise

Since the Meta Quest 2 store is full of exciting action-packed VR games like “SUPERHOT VR” and “Eleven Table Tennis,” energetic gamers should take a moment to outfit their VR setup with an Active Pack to help prevent accidents while thrashing about in your favorite games.

For $70, the Meta Quest 2 Active Pack includes a set of adjustable knuckle straps and wrist straps to keep your Touch Controllers safely in your hands, as well as a sweatproof face interface that is easily wiped down, which is handy for anyone whose gaming doubles as their workout.

If you think that buying a set of wrist and knuckle straps for your VR controllers isn’t for you, a simple video search for Nintendo Wii-related controller-throwing accidents should change your mind. If a set of protective straps saves your controller, 4K TV, and wallet, you’ll thank yourself the next time you lose yourself in a game of “Real VR Fishing.”

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