Issues You By no means Knew Your Oculus Quest 2 Might Do

Some genuinely great games are still in development, and you can play most of them for free. “Pavlov” is a good example, it is arguably the best VR shooter around and the version available on PC costs $24.99 on Steam. If you don’t have a PC or $24.99, the Quest version, “Pavlov Shack,” is free on Meta’s App Lab. App Lab games don’t consistently show up if you use the store search and can be hard to track down — which is why it’s best to use a site like SideQuest to find the app you want.

SideQuest was the original way to sideload apps in development to the Quest and Quest 2. It proved so popular that Meta referenced it directly during App Lab’s launch and continues to work closely with the platform. SideQuest also features apps that haven’t made it into the App Lab yet, most are free, but others have to be purchased.

To add an App Lab game to your quest, simply find the one you want on a site like SideQuest, click the “Download App” link, which should take you to the Quest Store (make sure this is the official Meta site), sign in, then click “Get.” The app should automatically download and install itself on your Quest 2 next time you turn it on. Installing non-App Lab games on Sidequest requires you to download their client and connect your headset to a laptop, PC, or Android phone.

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