How VR Is Shaking Up The Approach We Do Cardio

Always ours every day Cardio or aerobic exercise not only helps our bodies stay healthy, it also prepares us for success in VR games and in our daily lives. Moving our bodies through jogging, running and walking, pumping our arms and even rowing and using ellipticals make VR a cardio playground for new and seasoned enthusiasts looking to get in shape.

Getting fit using virtual reality is a surefire way to use up extra energy, stop the ups and downs as we run to the ice cream truck, or skillfully maneuver as a top player in a VR game. The advent of VR-networked training devices and games heralds a new era of cardio for fitness-oriented VR fans.

Let’s start with why we need cardio in our life and then we’ll dive into how to do it with VR!

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A VR home gym or workout space is quickly becoming a solution for weight loss, muscle building, and cardio. All you need is a VR headset such as Vive, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality or Gear VR to benefit from cardiovascular exercises.

What do I get from cardio?

We can take a scenic hike, walk the block, or go to the gym and work out on a machine to get our lungs, heart, and muscles in shape. We’re motivated by the results to feel better and look better, oh, and that sweet endorphin rush doesn’t hurt either. But what else motivates us? The exciting and refreshing gameplay of VR – that’s what!

What is gameplay without machine innovation? Fitness equipment The devices compatible with VR headsets ensure that users can play actively over and over again. These fun exercise machines are just as rewarding and engaging to play as they are beneficial for cardio and fitness.

Omnidirectional treadmills

The prototype of the KAT Walk mini! Credit to: KAT VR

VR headset readers now have more options than ever for cardio and achieving their fitness goals. Omnidirectional treadmillsIn short, ODTs are platforms on which VR users can walk, jog and play in 360 degrees with special shoes and a smooth plate underneath. The size of the ODT ranges from a few feet wide and some can even occupy the space of a small room.

Versions like that KAT Walk mini, all virtuix, and the Wizdish ROVR are the best option for gamers, gyms and arcades to step up VR games from active to cardio intensity. Instead of standing in one place or using the limited space of your play area (room scale), these ODTs allow the player to walk in place or run to move around and interact with controllers in VR games.

This motion-intensive locomotion option and the fitness machine not only make playing VR games more enjoyable and hyper-realistic, ODTs also turn them into greasy cardio! Can play Sairento VR on the Kat Walk mini, QuiVr on the Virtuix Omni or PC and VR games Each of the two ROVR ODTs changes the way VR owners, gym customers, and arcade goers get cardio!

Rowing, elliptical and stationary bikes

Credit To: Holodia

What is cardio without conventional exercise equipment? Rowing, elliptical trainers and stationary bikes have been completely redesigned HolodiaHolofit range of VR ready machines. You’ve got gym life and cardio covered! This fitness company played their machines and sent gym users into the zone with Holoworld games. The games challenge athletes physically as they do row repetitions or pedal a bike or are elliptical to fly across the sky.

Another stationary bike company, VirZOOMturns wheels in fitness studios that have their finger on the pulse of technology. Since partnering with Life Fitness, the gold standard for fitness bikes, VirZOOM has played the upright and lying stationary bikes with their own games. Spinning with the resistance on will set your thighs and hamstrings on fire as you ride a mythical flying horse, collect gems, or become a banditos wrangler. It has been known that gamers spend hours playing their games and one such player Lose 50 pounds!

VR has fantastic side effects for its users like recording and losing weight with active gaming in VR. Robert Long had a very impressive one 138 pound weight loss by Beat Saber! Restore Self-confidence, feel like a warrioror have more positive attitude towards life Like Jonathan Voudrie, the results are especially amazing when you play high-energy games in virtual reality.

Active games that are cardio at the same time are a must if you want to lose weight or improve your endurance. Natural locomotion is known to be achieved through the multiplayer racing game Sprint vector with “Fluid Locomotion”. Players pump their arms to run on intergalactic racing maps with platforms that they can run and jump onto using special arm movements and control mechanics.

Cardio games with arm swing or natural locomotion:

  • For the Arcade fan Those who like to compete against AI challengers who collect coins and weave around obstacles: play Dash Dash Run
  • For the Indie game collector with a Gear VR that also wants a game that encourages cardio when you step on an elliptical or exercise bike, collect items and listen to music: play AchieVRfit
  • For the VR pirate Looking for a 4v4 multiplayer game where you race for a ship during open sea battles: Play Crooked water
  • For the Football / soccer fan If you want to break away from sitting console games with swinging arms and controller mechanics: Play Football Nation VR
  • For the virtual cowboy or western fan looking for some cardio while making friends with a trusty steed and shooting bandits: gaming Hopalong: The wastelands (jumping up and down to move)
  • For the Magicians and magicians Look for a game that lets you toss, cast, and run around cards with your arm movement: Gambling Deplau

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