How VR Helps Seniors and Individuals With Disabilities Enhance Their Well being and Happiness

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With seniors over 65 years of age 617 million people worldwide and 15% of all people (over a billion) are disabledHealth and happiness are an important concept that affects everyone.

Newsflash – we are all human beings, of all ages, many people are already disabled or will be disabled at some point in their lives, and most people want to feel happy and healthy in their lives.

Not enough practice

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Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day is linked to better physical and emotional health. With a Third of adults aged 50 and over and 47% of people with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 64 If they’re not getting enough exercise, there has to be something to get them moving and enjoying life to the fullest.

Seniors and people with disabilities sometimes limit themselves to the exercises they can do. Adaptive devices such as wheelchairs, walking frames or walking sticks are designed to improve mobility, but can become an obstacle to exercise for many. People with physical disabilities may not even be able to stand, walk, or get out of bed for medical reasons.

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What is the solution? How can seniors and people with disabilities gain more access to activities and improve their wellbeing? The answer is virtual reality. With VR, anyone can put on a headset, choose a game while standing or sitting, and enjoy the combined benefits of physical and mental activity.

VR cardio

Getting cardio no longer has to mean running or jogging. You can still train and reap everything heart healthy benefits from playing a VR game.

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hobby room is best played with a group of people because you are playing games like paintball. The game won’t be too intense, you can sit or stand freely while playing and it will feel like that Exercise is synonymous with walking.

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There is also a faster drum VR game called Music inside: a VR rhythm game This can be played standing or sitting, as long as you beat the drum in time with your upper body and stabilize your core and lower body.

There are many more VR games on the VR Fitness Insider games page that will make your heart beat faster. Look here!

VR strength training

Strong muscles can help improve balance and strength Reduce broken bonesand can even improve independence during activities over time.

Fruit ninja is a great standing game where you use the VR controllers as a machete to cut and dice fruit. You will use your upper body to reach and slice fruit, your middle body to reach in different directions, and your lower body to position your body and move frequently. This VR game is rated by the VR Health Institute as equivalent Exercise versus using an elliptical trainer.

Please note: If you have a strong upper or lower body and are looking for a challenge, you can always add hand or ankle weights to increase the level of difficulty. Please consult a trainer or doctor before adding weights to your training plan.

VR flexibility for body and mind

Exercise your body and use your mind at the same time can help promote happiness, reduce stress, improve memory, and think flexibly.

Everyone experiences stress, so games like Wise mind is a great way for anyone to recover from a long day or start the day with a clear and calm mind. Wise Mind lets you practice Tai Chi, balance stones and gives you mindfulness and meditation exercises to choose from. Tai chi is great for low-impact, low-stress exercises that can be performed while sitting or standing. Balancing stones is great for practicing hand-eye coordination, as well as promoting patience and understanding for yourself and others. While Meditation and mindfulness Activities keep your mind clear and resilient.

Muscle stretching helps to prevent muscle wasting, improve range of motion and flexibility, reduce injuries and increase pain relief.

Like VR apps Yoga Joint VR experience are great for achieving slow to advanced stretching while building muscle strength and muscle growth. Yoga involves using your own strength to hold poses with your own body weight. Lots Yoga poses can be changed tailored to needs due to injuries and physical limitations. Some yoga stretches can even be modified while sitting or in a wheelchair.

VR helps everyone get healthy

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Exercising, stretching, and mindfulness with VR will improve your physical health, but you will also feel happier overall. Getting VR headsets and games into the hands of the people who will benefit the most is important. By helping disabled and elderly people gain access to VR, they can overcome old limitations that previously held them back.

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Using VR to train and experience new ideas, environments, and people improves people’s quality of life dramatically. So let’s do something about it – tell your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and family members about the physical and mental health benefits of VR.

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