High 5 VR Health Developments To Expertise In 2018

If you stare at the wall or out the window while running on the treadmill or elliptical machine, it gets boring quickly, even with a playlist full of burned tracks. So what other cardio and strengthening exercise options are there that won’t scare off returning athletes, but are challenging enough for fit stars? Here are 5 virtual reality fitness trends that will keep you on your way to getting fitter and stronger in 2018.

1. Wireless VR

We had to demonstrate the HTC Vive Pro and feel what it is like to be wireless.

VR Fitness Insider demonstrated that The wireless adapter of the HTC Vive with the Vive Pro Headset at CES last week and had a great time doing DOOM VFR without being wired. The room-scale wireless gaming experience felt liberating for the head and neck, which was a complete improvement over the older tethered model of the Vive.

Playing a first person action shooter VR game like DOOM with Vive Pro and Wireless Adapter increased our heart rate and turned the game into a fitness experience. The area of ​​movement expansion put the Vive Pro Headset and the older Vive model have an advantage over the Oculus headsets, more compatible Wireless Vive accessories like the tracking pucks, VR pistol and paddles. The Vive Pro hasn’t set a release date yet, but you can expect the Vive Wireless Adapter this summer.

2. Boutique VR Gyms

Black Box VR wins the Best Startup Award! Credit to: Engadget

The first virtual reality training for cable resistance devices in the fitness industry. Black Box VR, helps beginners and experienced exercisers improve their bodies and lives. The Black Box VR fitness machine was nominated for 4 Engadget CES 2018 Awards and won hers Best Startup Awardand took one home CES 2018 innovation award.

Black Box VR plans to open a boutique gym in San Francisco this year. Their goal is to motivate their members to improve their bodies by turning the body into a gaming controller that battles monsters and other villains. The Black Box Smart Cable Resistance System is compatible with the HTC Vive and tracks members’ progress as they push them to achieve their goals.

3. Rotate

A sense of movement keeps The Trip convincing. Photo credit: Les Mills

Les Mills’ The Journey is a spin course for people who like Soul Cycle but want a VR-like experience to keep them motivated. The journey takes 40 minutes Group cycling Travel to places like a futuristic street, underwater, and other exciting locations. Each virtual fitness experience has a cinematic-quality curved screen that projects beautiful and even trippy images to keep you occupied as you pump those legs and go uphill. Les Mills’ The Trip can be found worldwide in the US, Russia, the Middle East, UK, Europe and Asia.

Credit to: Life Fitness / VirZOOM

The world’s first VR bike, VirZOOM, in no time, you’ll be ruining your cardio and weight loss goals. The stationary VirZOOM bike is compatible with important VR displays such as Vive, Oculus and PSVR as well as mobile headsets such as Gear VR and Daydream. The VR bike has teamed up with Life Fitness stationary bikes and has 8 cardio games like River Run, Le Tour, and Thunder Bowl so you don’t sweat your keister out. Fit gamers like Will Brierly used VirZOOM and lost over 50 pounds! You can get their VR bike and fitness games as an all-in-one package for $ 349.

4. Large-scale roaming experience

Warehouse-scale VR games with zero latency. Credit To: Zero Latency

VR room scale is for living rooms, however No latency extends virtual gaming to the warehouse. 8 players can strap themselves into a VR gaming backpack and wireless headset as they kill zombies or solve puzzles. In a large warehouse, players can roam freely while chatting with teammates, coordinating, and smashing their daily activities or step rate. No latency The large-scale VR gaming experience has a built-in guide program that can help players avoid bumping into walls and each other with cards. You can find them all over the world with locations in Australia, North America, Japan and Spain.

5. VR Fitness Gaming

Hit a robot in the face in Mech league: Boxing! Credit to: VRGEN

With Virtual reality games At VR Fitness Insider, we were published daily by major AAA studios and independent development houses around the world and had to create our own collection of fitness games every week to keep up. Our wide range of new VR game versions can be played anywhere your headset is and you will continue to strive to achieve your weight loss, endurance or strength building goals.

To work on cardio and strengthen the lungs and heart, play a new boxing game like Mech League: Boxing or puffing and puffing while an adult tantrum occurs Angry dream. If you’d rather dance and express yourself while getting excited, give it a try Light and dance VR.

Challenge yourself to a round in BOX VR. Credit to: FitXR

VR Fitness Insider also helps our readers stay fit by putting VR games to the test. We play VR games that we believe have the best potential for fitness and then write Match reports on them. We give virtual reality games our honest feedback on the structure of the game, the duration of the training, the intensity, the lack of nausea, the effectiveness of the game for large muscle groups and other helpful fitness findings.

Rated VR fitness games like Sprint vector are effective upper body and cardio workouts while like VR games Hot squat will make your lower half tremble before all the challenging crouching obstacles. Games like Bitslap, a HIIT-inspired workout and BOX VR, a highly effective rhythm boxing game, increases your heart rate as you gain momentum towards your spring and summer body.

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