Down the Rabbit Gap Provides 90Hz Help on Oculus Quest 2 – VRFocus

Cortopia Studios’ puzzle title, Down the Rabbit Hole, has made a formidable impression since its launch last year, receiving positive reviews and nominations. Today the developer announced that support for the 90 Hz mode of Oculus Quest 2 as well as for a new bundle with Red Matter is available.

Down the Rabbit Hole joins a growing line of video games previously released for Oculus Quest that take advantage of the additional features of Oculus Quest 2. Some have seen general visual enhancements while others like Beat Saber have used the headset’s 90Hz mode for smoother gameplay. Whether you are new to Down the Rabbit Hole or have completed it, you will get an enhanced visual experience.

Down the Rabbit Hole was launched almost a year ago and is a twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland story by Lewis Carroll. This enigmatic adventure takes place before Alice ever makes it to the magical realm. A nameless girl stumbles across Wonderland in search of her lost pet marks.

The video game is laid out as if you are in that rabbit hole that leads to wonderland, and all of the action takes place inside its walls as little dioramas. As you guide the girl through the different scenes, each with her own puzzle, you can move the world by grabbing tree roots growing out of the walls for a better view. In some cases, you are transported into the scene for a closer look.

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the update, for a limited time, you can get Down the Rabbit Hole and the sci-fi puzzle title Red Matter in a double bundle from the Oculus Store for $ 14.99. The offer is only valid for one week.

Vertical Robot’s Red Matter is a high-tension puzzle game set in an alternate future in which you play as a secret agent sent to the abandoned base of an enemy on Rhea, one of Saturn’s moons, to recover information. Originally published in 2018, VRFocus said Red Matter: “A very high-profile VR experience, in which the story and the puzzle elements were carefully interwoven.”

VRFocus will continue to report on the latest improvements to Oculus Quest 2 and will report on them with further updates.

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