Discover Oculus Quest 2 Inventory With This Chrome Extension

Tired of freshening up online retailers hoping to snag an Oculus Quest 2, PlayStation 5, or a next-gen graphics card?

Google Chrome browser extension OctoShop The goal is to solve this problem by notifying you when a product is back in stock and checking with all major retailers in the US.

It was developed by UT Austin students Darshan Bhatta & Sriram Hariharan and designed freelance by Taamannae Taabassum.

Bhatta tells us that the extension has been used by many people to find an Oculus Rift S or Oculus Quest all year round. And now that Quest 2 stock is surging in time for the holiday season, it’s helping people buy VR again.

If you just want to check current availability at retailers without getting the extension, you can use their website InStok.

By installing the extension, you can set up notifications so that you know exactly when the product you want will be available again. You can set a maximum price to ignore scalper listings that users seem to love based on Google reviews.

OctoShop isn’t limited to just VR headsets, of course, but can also be used for other hard-to-find products like PlayStation 5 or the latest NVIDIA / AMD graphics cards.

The service is currently only available in the United States. However, there is a registration form that must be notified if it is expanded to other countries.

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