Contractors 1v1 Event Heads into Semi-Finals

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If you’re wondering what to do while in quarantine with much of the world at home, turn on your favorite streaming device and check out VR esports! In the past few weeks, some of the world’s top competitors have been taking part in a 1-on-1 tournament for contractors. In addition to choosing between a limited-edition sweatshirt or a Gunstock accessory, the tournament winner will of course boast as the world’s best contractors player.

The semi-finals of the doubles elimination tournament will take place tonight at 9:30 a.m. (EDT) / 6:30 a.m. (PT) during a winning competition between Cerebral Parsley and Sir Galahad the Chaste. The winner of today’s bout will face the loser’s bracket champion in an upcoming final. Viewers can watch live tonight and also see earlier videos of the intense back and forth battles that took place in the Contractors 1v1 tournament at

Contractors is a competitive squad-based multiplayer VR shooter from Caveman Studio that is designed to compete with Downward and Davevillz Pavlov VR from Downpour Interactive in the VR esports arena. Contractors can best be described as “Run and Gun” as onward, but with a lower TTK (Time to Kill) and more stable weapon handling than Pavlov. Contractors was published in December 2018 and is in constant development. There’s also an Oculus Quest port along the way that offers cross-play with PC VR players and any plans to provide mod support.

Contractors features a game mode where teams compete for control points that appear at different points on a map and collect data points that count towards victory. As soon as a control point has been recorded, it begins to transmit data and can be neutralized by the opposing team. Game mode also offers respawn so players can plan their counterattack in case they are eliminated. The round ends when a team reaches 1,024 KB of data transferred. Also available is a team death match where teams fight for 50 kills. The gun game is a popular Death Match style mode where players go through a series of weapons that end with the knife.

Players have the option to choose loadouts that best suit their play style. This makes them popular with first-person shooter enthusiasts who want flexibility. Using a point-based system, players choose different levels of armor, weapons with specific properties like damage, recoil, rate of fire and magazine capacity, accessories like optics, suppressors and grips, sidearm, melee weapon and utility. This wide range of options allows teams of five players to strategize exactly how to approach a particular situation.

Contractor Map “Wildlands”

The weapons, which range from high-speed firing to short-range SMGs to hard-hitting long-range DMR rifles, also feature realistic reloading mechanisms that faithfully mimic their real-world counterparts. For example, the M16 is equipped with a mag release, bolt lock and a bolt release button. Conversely, the magazine for the AK-47 has to be removed by hand and the bolt has to be reloaded after reloading.

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