Can You Actually Lose Weight In Digital Actuality?

In the 21st century, we’re not going to spend precious time staring at white walls walking on a treadmill that has no going anywhere or lifting weights like a caveman or lady. Those workouts got us where we are today and still have their value, but virtual reality is the only all-in-one entertainment and fitness system available now. VR games are a great way to immerse yourself in an activity that is fun, but also a large and inclusive community that you can blame for self-improvement, weight loss, and real fitness results.

The fitness potential of VR

What makes VR a legitimate fitness activity is the ability to sit or stand in a game room, react and move around while immersing yourself in the gameplay. The full physical and emotional immersion or the feeling that time is passing just because you’re having fun, sets this technology apart from the consoles or PC games of the 20th century, which relied on a controller or mouse and body movement. The Vive, Oculus, PSVR and Windows Mixed Reality headsets each have the ability to move dynamically while playing, sitting or standing with your heart pounding Cardio exercise or weight training if you add a Weight vest or gloves to the mix.

In VR, the possibilities for gamified fitness are practically unlimited. VR is an amazing experience, but also a great workout that enables us to do things that people cannot or wish we could do in our daily lives. With we can become a boxing star in the virtual ring Knockout League, can play in a team with other mechanized players and fly around Echo Arenaor turn us into a superhuman fighter by training with him Black Box VR Cable resistance machine. Indie and large VR studios like FitXR, Survios, and Bean Boy Games are a small handful of the different Studios that point the way towards fitness by creating games that are aimed at fun exercise.

The quick answer to whether you can really lose weight in VR is huge YES. Read on to see how 9 Fit Players Achieved Weight Loss, Health, and Wellbeing in VR!

New You: Fit VR Player

Karen Cusimano

Karen is a Zumba instructor with a penchant for rhythm VR games like Audioshield and BoxVR, which help her stay in shape and lose weight. She has a busy life but doesn’t let time or schedule stop her from exercising with her Oculus in the mornings or on days when she isn’t dancing her way through a Zumba class.

Here is what Karen to say about VR: “For me it’s fun, it’s a great workout and I can play with high tech toys at the same time. It’s a win-win-win situation! Just buy a cover for your headset so you don’t Sweat too much in there. Because if you get it right, you probably will. “

Read more about how Karen uses VR as a fitness tool here.

Kevin Brook

Kevin is a team member of the NHS Healthy Lifestyle, which is helping other people achieve their health potential through lifestyle changes in the UK. After battling and winning against lymph cancer and struggling with lung and heart problems, Kevin uses his Oculus to fight back and regain his health by playing VR games like Superhot VR and boxing games like Thrill of the Fight and BoxVR .

Kevin has got real results by staying active in VR where he says, “In my opinion Fitbit I took 10,000 steps and 60 minutes of exercise in the last 38 days in a row, and probably 90 out of the last 100 days. I think it’s fair to say it’s a deeply ingrained habit at this point.

Read more about how Kevin got his health back here.

Sonya Haskins

Sonya, or Hasko7 as her teammates at the Echo Arena call her, began her fitness journey with VR after battling her way through health fears that caused chronic pain and stressed her mentally. She found that playing Oculus games like Echo Arena, Robo Recall, and Sprint Vector while seated eased her pain and helped her lose over 40 pounds!

Sonya tells us why VR is so comprehensive and accessible as an exercise: “In terms of weight loss and fitness benefits, if you play a game that involves a lot of movement, like playing a game of exercise. B. Echo Arena or Sprint vectorYou will still notice an increase in your heart rate whether you are sitting or standing. The standing players obviously have a greater advantage, but for people who need to play while seated, this is an excellent option for more physical activity than they would otherwise get. “

Read how VR helped Sonya with chronic pain and weight loss here.

Will Brierly

Will is a PR consultant and game developer who recognizes VR as the weight loss tool that helped him lose 50 pounds! He credits VirZOOM, a stationary VR bike with arcade games, as a means to his weight loss.

will has seen some amazing health benefits from using VR: “It helped me a lot, I used to have plantar fasciitis which made my feet so painful that I hobbled all over the place. I also had to take a ton of my asthma inhaler. Now I hardly ever use my inhaler and my feet feel good. I also snore a lot less. Overall, the whole experience was amazing. “

Read more about how Will lost 50 pounds with VirZOOM here.

David Scott

David is an Oculus owner and game developer who has played VR games like Soundboxing and The Lab (Longbow) to lose 10 pounds and count. The adrenaline rush from sound boxing and the customization of YouTube and beat cards have drawn him to the rhythm boxing game.

David shared some helpful soundboxing fitness tips with us: “I play about 20 songs that are about 3-5 minutes long. I also only play songs with more than 800 beats. This allows me to make the most of my playing time. There are some songs that I play that are over 1500 beats per song. It depends on your stamina. So don’t overdo this part. That’s simply because your punches at the end of the song aren’t full punches and don’t mean much. “

Read about how David lost 10 pounds by playing soundboxing here.

Dusty Fohs

Dusty is an Atari and Commodore 64 era gamer who awards VR games like Racket: NX, Soundboxing, Hot Squat, and Audioshield for its weight loss transformation. He used his Vive to get in shape, lost over 20 pounds, and managed to avoid going back to a commercial gym.

I think we can all relate to Dusty when he says, “I have a gym membership that I never use. I exercised regularly 8-10 years ago, but I gradually slowed down and never came back to it. I held on to membership and thought I was going back, but I haven’t been in a couple of years. I was considering canceling after getting into VR fitness. “

Read more about how Dusty Fohs got fit using VR and lost 20 pounds here.


Here at VRFI, age is just a number when it comes to fitness. Oldboy67, a 67-year-old Reddit user and Vive owner, lost 12 pounds and counted VR games in just two months. He attributes active titles such as Audioshield, Hot Squat, Elven, and Racket: NX for his weight loss, flexibility, strength, and sense of accomplishment and wellbeing.

To Oldboy67VR has improved his general wellbeing: “In addition to weight loss and increased fitness, I have found stimulating challenges and social connections that I would not have had without the Vive. It brings joy and fun into my life, mainly through the games that combine movement with music. “

Read more about Oldboy67’s weight loss and fitness journey with VR here.

Job Stauffer

Job staufferJob is a PR and games industry veteran who has now lost over 90 pounds by playing VR games and eating healthy. With hard work and a dedication to fitness and wellness, Job played sound boxing and other games like Sprint Vector, Sparc, Gorn, and Robo Recall for hours for a fun full-body workout that wasn’t about going to the gym. For added resistance and breaking plateaus, Job adds a weight vest and gloves to the action!

Taking control of your own health and wellbeing is something we can all achieve. job shares his message with us: “This is something I will continue to do, and I hope that continuing to speak can inspire others to seriously consider virtual reality as a tool in finding a fitness and wellness routine that can improve Contributes to your health and your life. That’s the other thing, the wellness aspect. The sheer joy of being in a video game and having fun with it all the time – that has vastly improved the wellness aspect and tackled the fitness aspect at the same time. It was really wonderful! “

Read about Jobs Inspiring 90 Pound Weight Loss By Playing Soundboxing here.

Tim Donahey

Tim is a fitness trainer who wanted to run a 50-day VR fitness challenge on Reddit. He tackled his weight loss goals and in that time lost over 14 pounds by exercising with games like Audioshield, Thrill of the Fight, Holopoint, and Holoball. He even started community groups on My Fitness Pal and Reddit (r / vrfit) to help others stay motivated with their own fitness challenges.

Tims The excitement for fitness and health is contagious when he talks about VR’s ability to help people: “I can’t think of a better way to return this amazing gift than to share it with as many people as possible. Our VR Fitness Group now has over 40 members. New VR fitness challenges are emerging and people are seeing results. I believe gamers will be some of the fitter people on the planet going forward. The future starts now. “

Read all about Tim’s 50 Day Weight Loss Challenge here to start your own challenge.

Wrap up

Virtual reality brings fitness, health, and wellbeing into people’s lives by realizing their true potential and instinct to play and have fun. The only thing left is to set goals and take action. Whether those goals are weight loss, endurance, strength building, muscle building, or muscle building, or just to feel better about yourself, VR can help you achieve those goals!

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