Boxing-Targeted VR Train Recreation BoxVR Now On PSVR

BoxVR by FitXR has been around for nearly two years in the PC VR scene offering a dedicated VR exercise experience that’s focused on emulating the cardio benefits of boxing. It uses a rhythm-based boxing mechanic similar to Audioshield or Sound Boxing, but nowadays the main comparison will naturally be Beat Saber.

The main benefit of BoxVR is that instead of just being an active music game that has ancillary fitness benefits, it’s entirely focused on helping you get fit. During the experience you’ll not only hit objects as they approach but also parry, dodge, and deflect them as well to really simulate that feeling of fighting and moving constantly.

BoxVR is also designed by a team of fitness instructors that have offered their expertise to craft a variety of specifically choreographed workout routines just for BoxVR. The game also includes calories burned over time tracking.

With the latest release of BoxVR on PSVR there are over 50 new music tracks from the previous Early Access PC VR version bringing it to 110 total of all styles with 11 total new routines rounding that out to 45 total that have each been scripted just for BoxVR . You can also make custom playlists now with the “MyWorkouts” feature and a more polished UI. As a PSVR game it also naturally includes trophies.

Collectively BoxVR users have burned over 75 million calories across all platforms. Later this month when the Oculus Quest launches May 21, BoxVR will be included on day one. the PSVR edition is out now and available for $29.99 with the Steam version available for $19.99.

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