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Lots of news for Beat Saber fans today as Beat Games released a collection of updates for the various supported platforms. In addition to the updates going online today, the studio has finally released some exciting news about multiplayer on PlayStation VR.

So first the updates. These vary depending on the platform used. One of the most important new features is the 90 Hz support for Oculus Quest 2. 90 Hz for the headset, which was removed from the beta version in the v23 update last November, so that apps can take advantage of the higher update rate for smoother gaming.

Other improvements today are:

  • Oculus Group launch added – Launch your friends from the Oculus party right in Multiplayer (Quest only).
  • Added toggle to enable Joinable Oculus Rich Presence in multiplayer mode – Allows other users to start the game directly on your private server (Oculus only).
  • Changed the No Bug modifier to apply the 0.5x multiplier only after you have used all of your energy.
  • Player stats brought back.
  • The player height detector has been corrected to correctly calculate the player height in the game.
  • Obstacles are now visible to other players in multiplayer too.

Beat Games also went on Twitter today to inform PlayStation VR fans about the coveted multiplayer mode: “Dear PS VR players, we are now finalizing the multiplayer build and should be ready for testing next week. This is an important milestone in development and we will keep you updated. We are getting closer! ”

Beat Saber PSVR Multiplayer

The studio introduced multiplayer for Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets in October 2020, so up to five people can compete against each other. Players can have private parties with friends or jump into random matches. There is no cross-platform support, however, so every friend has to be on the same headset.

Beat Games had previously announced that it would launch the feature this month. If a start date is set for PlayStation VR’s multiplayer mode, VRFocus I’ll let you know.

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