BBC – The Social – Oculus Quest 2 assessment: ‘This stand-alone VR expertise is well worth the sore face’

Next up on the list is Superhot VR, a game with a simple premise: time only moves when you move. With these basic parameters, the developers have managed to create the best John Wick game you can imagine.

The fluidity of grabbing a pistol, shooting at your ruby ​​enemies, removing their machine gun, lifting it in the air and taking out your mate will leave you looking around desperately hoping someone will see how cool you look.

The non-VR version is already standout, but the feeling of being the ultimate assassin was made for VR. For me, Superhot VR feels that it should be included in every Oculus Quest 2 as it stands on its own in terms of a VR gaming experience.

The Oculus Quest 2 is the new standard for wireless VR. It’s an incredibly nifty machine that uses incredibly complex technology to work its magic. It’s very easy to use and perfect for showing someone new to VR exactly what it’s about.

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