Apple’s rumoured VR headset to function 8K shows, price 10 occasions worth of Oculus Quest 2 – report

The Apple VR headset is said to have interchangeable headbands, just like the Apple Watch has interchangeable wristbands.

Running both eye displays in full 8K resolution would use a tremendous amount of power and likely drain the devices’ batteries quickly. However, according to the report, it will also have eye-tracking technology and save power by only fully rendering areas that the user can actually see.

Still, the report suggests technical specifications that require a tremendous amount of computing power. This is to be achieved by Apple developing its own silicon hardware for the device, as the company did for its M1 devices, which launched in late 2020.

The Apple VR headset will also offer augmented reality (AR) capabilities as the company reportedly continues to work on releasing its own AR smart glasses.

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