Apple VR headset leak reveals loopy mild design — and Oculus Quest 2 needs to be fearful

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), the Apple VR headset is set to adopt a hybrid Fresnel lens design. And it should result in one of the lightest VR and mixed reality headsets ever made.

According to the report, the Apple VR headset weighs around 150 g and is very comfortable to wear. For comparison: The Oculus Quest 2 weighs 503 g.

Plus, in typical Apple style, the company seems to be ignoring what the competition is doing in favor of a potentially better system.

Kuo notes that most virtual reality headsets use traditional Fresnel lenses, originally designed in the early 19th century to focus lighthouse rays. In VR headsets, they can enable ultra-short focal lengths, but increase the weight of the headset

Mixed reality headsets have the advantage that they do not need such a large field of view. That means you can use thinner and lighter lenses. According to Kuo, this appears to be the case with Apple’s headset.

The analyst claims that each lens will be made up of three stacked Fresnel lenses (a total of six in each headset), balancing optical performance with a lightweight design. In addition, there are additional plastic lenses made from customer-specific materials and coatings that correspond to the light transmission of the glass lenses.

We’ve already heard a number of rumors about the makeup of Apple’s mixed reality headset and how the company intends to keep the weight down. Of course, the main focus seems to be on the use of lightweight materials.

This includes a plastic case similar to that of Apple’s AirPods and an outer shell made from the same mesh as the HomePod speakers. The goal there is to minimize the weight and still maintain the solid “Apple” feel of the headset.

Apple also had to compromise to include a fan in the headset while still staying within tolerable weight limits. The space normally reserved for wearing glasses in the headset has been removed to accommodate the fan. This was needed to ensure that the headset’s powerful processor stayed cool.

The lens system will be just another aspect of it. Unfortunately, the Apple VR headset isn’t going to be cheap, which is to blame for the high prices we’ve heard of. Apple’s mixed-reality headset could cost $ 1,000, according to a previous report from Kuo, but another report also suggested a shockingly high price of $ 3,000.

Unfortunately, Apple’s headset isn’t coming soon. However, with the release date set to mid-2022, we expect a lot more leaks in the months to come.

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