Anker’s new Oculus Quest 2 Charging Dock

One of the first things you should get when purchasing a new game console is a wireless charging cradle for the controllers. Why? Because not having to constantly replace expensive batteries makes your experience so much better. Hit them on the dock when you’re done and pick them up when you’re ready to go again. Why not do the same with your new Oculus Quest 2?

Anker developed just that. A charging cradle for the Oculus Quest 2. Simply place your headset and controllers on the docking station when you are done with your VR session and let them do the entire charging process. You don’t have to connect cables to anything. Just drop it and run.

The new dock will hit the market next month and will be available for pre-order from January 22nd.

Pre-order from Amazon | Pre-order from Anker

It looks like the controllers are falling into a series of contacts to start charging, while the headset has a magnetic adapter like many of the magnetic charging cables on the market. You slide the tip into the headset, and when you insert it into the dock, a short cable clicks into place that protrudes from the side and connects to the adapter.

There is nothing like making your life a little easier. Hopefully it’s as friendly as it looks. We haven’t got our hands on one yet so it’s hard to tell, but it seems like it’s delivering as promised.

It will cost you something, however, as the charging station is $ 86.99, which feels just slightly steep compared to some charging docks for consoles and the like. Some of these other docks cost an average of $ 15 to $ 30. This only looks a little more complicated because the space required is a little more plastic. Maybe it’s just about recouping some R&D costs in the beginning.

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