Anker Oculus Quest 2 Charging Dock Revealed

The Anker Oculus Quest 2 charging station not only keeps your headset and controllers charged, but also gives them a decent seat.

This official dock is sold by Facebook itself on the US Oculus website and costs $ 87. The dock contains replacement 1800 mAh alkaline batteries for your Quest 2 controllers (which only come with non-reusable batteries) and fits into the kit via magnetic USB-C ports. According to Anker, the kit charges all of your devices in two and a half hours.

Anker Oculus Quest 2 charging station revealed

The charging station offers space for both controllers and a space for the headset in between. As it stands, only the headset’s visor itself sits on the dock. Hopefully this means the dock is compatible with the Quest 2 Elite Strap. Note, however, that the Elite Battery Strap needs to be charged from the rear and is therefore not compatible with the Anker Oculus Quest 2 charging dock.

A series of lights on the front of the device indicate that the device is charging. Quest 2’s battery life is around two and a half hours from full to empty while gaming. It is therefore very important that the battery remains charged.

More pictures of the kit can be found below. No word about shipping to other areas yet, but we’ll keep you informed.

A shipping date for the device is listed on the Oculus site as January 22nd. Check out the Anker Oculus Quest 2 charging station? Let us know in the comments below!

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