Anker Launches Oculus Quest 2 Charging Dock – Street to VR

When you’re not playing with Oculus Quest 2, it will likely be placed on a desk and plugged into a charging cable. China-based electronics maker Anker has just launched a new charging station designed to make charging the batteries of your Oculus Quest 2 headset and touch controllers easier.

The charging station launched today is available from Amazon, Anker, Oculus and for $ 87. At the time of this writing, the first shipment of Docks appears to be out of stock. Pre-orders for Anker and Oculus will be possible from January 22nd.

Image courtesy of Anker Innovations

The dock contains two rechargeable 1800 mAH alkaline batteries for use in both touch controllers. After inserting the rechargeable batteries and replacing the battery covers, simply slide the touch controllers into the left and right sides of the dock to start charging.

Not only does the dock provide space for Quest 2 to rest when not in use, it also integrates magnetic USB-C port locks so the headset can self-charge once it’s embedded. A full charge should take 2.5 hours for both the controller and headset.

Dock Specifications:

  • USB-C input: 5.0 V / 9.0 V DC
  • Magnetic USB-C output: 5.0 V / 3.0 A, 9.0 V / 2.0 A.
  • Controller charging ports: 1.8V / 0.9A × 2
  • Rechargeable batteries for touch controllers: 1.2 V / 1800 mAh × 2

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a quick fix (and maybe some cheap gift items), be sure to get rechargeable AA batteries and a battery charger for your Quest 2 controllers: you’ll always use them regardless of whether you do have a dock or not.

To charge the headset, you can also purchase a set of USB-C magnetic cables on Amazon for just $ 13, which will work equally with all of your USB-C mobile devices. While these solutions are less convenient than an all-in-one dock, they should reduce the friction of charging your kit and getting into the VR for hours.

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