Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 offers 2022: what to anticipate

Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals will be hitting within the next few months. Amazon itself has recently confirmed that this year’s sale will take place in July, so we’re back to regularly scheduled programming. Unlike last year, though, Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals may actually offer up some solid bundle offers in 2022.

The Oculus Quest 2, sorry, Meta Quest 2, has held onto its MSRP for a considerable amount of time now, but following November’s sales and a few early bundle offers this year things are starting to slip. Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals are going to offer up better value this year regardless of the discounts on offer. We now have a 128GB model to play with, doubling the storage of the previous 64GB device for the same price. That means no matter which bundle you grab this summer, you’re already getting a better experience for your cash.

Thankfully, we are expecting some of the year’s best accessory bundles to return come July, not to mention that lucrative $50 / £50 gift card offer available late last year. The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets on the market right now, and a lot of that comes down to the affordable price point – which means we wouldn’t recommend getting too excited for heavier discounts than that.

We’re rounding up everything we expect to see from this year’s Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals right here. Be sure to stick around during those summer months – we’ll be keeping this page stocked with all the latest updates on timings and bringing you the very best Oculus Quest 2 deals when the official sale kicks off as well.

Today’s best Oculus Quest 2 deals

When will Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals start?

Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals will likely kick off around mid-July – if the retailer returns to its traditional timeline. The last two years have seen Amazon’s annual sale shifting around the calendar considerably, jumping all the way back to October in 2020 and then creeping forwards to June in 2021. However, we’re expecting Amazon to return to its regularly scheduled programming this year, which would place Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals at around July 11 or 18.

Do you need Prime for Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals?

To take part in official Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals you’ll need a Prime membership. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved if you’re not a paying customer. Amazon regularly offers its best prices to its members during this period, but it also tries to include as many new customers as possible with free trials. That means you can often find month-long trials available in the lead up to the official sale – just be sure to time it right so that you can take advantage of those discounts during your free period.

Not only that, but other retailers regularly use Prime Day as an opportunity to flex their own offers; stealing Amazon’s limelight with headline-busting offers of their own. Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals will likely look different at different retailers as well, with other accessories and gift cards included, so it’s well worth shopping around for other offers on the day itself.

What to expect from Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals 2022

  • Oculus Quest 2 + $50 / £50 gift card | $299.99 / £299.99
  • Oculus Quest 2 + carry case | $338 / £338
  • Oculus Quest 2 + link cable | $358 / £374.99
  • Oculus Quest 2 + carry case + Elite Strap | $397 $377

As we’ll see below, Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals don’t exactly have the best track record. However, there are a few factors that look set to make 2022 slightly different. At the very least, any discounts or bundles you do find in the summer will be of a higher value than last year’s. That’s because the 64GB model featured in previous Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals has now been replaced by the 128GB version, with the same $299.99 / £299.99 price point.

You’re already getting double the storage space over last year, but we expect this year’s offers will take things one step further again. Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals were particularly strong last year, offering up a free $50 / £50 gift card with every headset in both the US and UK. That’s the closest we’ve come to a discount on the 128GB headset by itself yet, and now that that new model is aging onwards, we would expect this offer to return to Amazon’s own shelves.

Since those November sales, though, we’ve also seen more and more Oculus Quest 2 bundles available. The starter bundle, for example, includes a carry case worth $49.99 / £49 and has been available for as little as $338 / £338 in 2022 so far – $10 / £10 off the full price. Similarly, the streamer bundle (packing in a tether cable worth $79 / £79) has seen discounts of $20 / £15 so far this year, dropping from $378 / £388 to $358 / £374.99 in early January.

We’ve also seen the Pro bundle with the same $20 saving during the same timeframe – in the US specifically. The $397 package contains the headset, a $49.99 carry case, and a $49.99 Elite Strap, but has been spotted on sale for $377 back in January as well. All of those offers have been limited to the very start of the year, and have since climbed up the price scale. However, they bode particularly well for this year’s Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals – we’re expecting to see these offers return in the summer though it would be optimistic to hope for much more. After all, this is still a particularly popular piece of kit.

Where will the best Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals be?

The go-to answer for this is, of course, Amazon. However, things might not be as cut and dry as that. When we see Oculus Quest 2 deals landing, those offers have usually been set by Meta itself, and spread across a wide range of retailers. That’s what we saw during the November sales, with plenty of stores offering the same $50 / £50 gift card with each headset.

That means we could be looking web-wide for Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals this year. We’d recommend checking out Best Buy and Walmart in the US, and Currys, Very, and Argos in the UK.

What happened in last year’s Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals

Last year’s Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals certainly weren’t stealing any headlines. The best offer we saw was in the UK, dropping the now-discontinued 64GB model down to a record low £279.99 (was £299.99). Even though you were picking up half the storage you can get for your cash today, though, this was a particularly impressive offer. That was a record low price on the previous model, matching an offer from earlier in the year.

Over in the US, things were even more mutated. Prime Day Oculus Quest 2 deals were largely focused on cheaper accessories like cases and head straps, though existing owners could save some cash here if they were looking to stock up on equipment.

We’re also getting you prepped for this year’s Prime Day gaming PC deals if you’re looking to tether your new device, as well as all the best Amazon Prime Day laptop deals and Amazon Prime Day TV deals as well.

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