A proficient VR designer made Amongst Us absolutely playable in VR Chat—and it appears unimaginable

If Among Us’s 2D art style was keeping you from trying the party game, lying to your friends in virtual reality may be faster.

An incredibly talented VR designer named Jar made a version of Among Us fully playable in VR chat – and it looks amazing. Just check out the trailer below to see how players do the game’s infamous chores using VR controllers.

In the trailer you see players running to press the emergency button, playing the task “Simon Says”, killing as a cheater and basically everything you would expect from Among Us, only in 3D.

“In this VR replica of the Skeld, you can use your hands to interact with all tasks such as connecting wires, pulling levers, and swiping cards,” Jar said in the description of the video. “Sneak up on people as a fraud when they are not looking behind you. You can also crawl through the vents like in the original game and sabotage the ship. “

The mode features fully playable multiplayer, a fully realized version of the Skeld map, and avatars of crew members from Among Us. Jar says the game is supported on PC and Oculus Quest, and VR is not required to play.

The best part is that the mode is completely free so anyone can try it by following the links in Jars Tweet.

Regardless, this is an impressive feat by design and a great new way to play the 2020 hit hit game.

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