60,000+ Fb Workers Can Expense An Oculus Quest 2

All Facebook employees can get a refund for purchasing an Oculus Quest 2, according to a tweet by information reporter Alex Heath.

At the end of March, Facebook last had just over 60,000 employees. Even if only a few employees accept the offer, this can result in a significant proportion of the people suddenly receiving a VR headset. Facebook’s workforce is growing extremely rapidly every year – the latest numbers are up 26% year over year – and recent reports suggest that its VR / AR efforts employ more than 10,000 people.

All Facebook employees can cost to buy an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, Zuckerberg announced in an internal Q&A today. The thought is that as VR becomes increasingly used for fitness apps, the reimbursement will fall under FB’s health / wellness perks

– Alex Heath (@alexeheath) April 29, 2021

Facebook executives have noticed the popularity of fitness VR apps over the past few months. Subscription-based Supernatural was supported by FitXR and other efforts to promote VR-based training. The reimbursement program is considered one of Facebook’s health and wellness benefits for employees.

In an earnings call this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested wired VR headsets don’t attract buyers in the same way that wireless systems like Quest 2 do, and said he looks at “how the team works and what products we do.” have the pipeline and I want to make sure that we can really give it our all and deliver it. “

The comments, the hype about hiring, and the reimbursement plan underscore how serious Zuckerberg is in his belief that VR / AR headsets are the future of computing. Apple is reportedly planning a VR-focused headset with strong mixed reality capabilities as early as next year, while Facebook may be planning a Quest Pro with more sensors on board for a similar period of time. Meanwhile, Sony is planning a wired sequel to the PlayStation VR headset, and HTC will be announcing new VR headsets in the coming weeks.

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