3D VR Jigsaw Sport Puzzling Locations Coming To PSVR

Today, in a series of indie game announcements, Sony announced that realities.io’s 3D puzzle VR game Puzzling Places is now available on PSVR. Here is the official PlayStation website.

Puzzling Places is a laid back puzzle game where you manipulate real 3D objects and places that have exploded in dozens of pieces and then gradually put them back together. The puzzles themselves are based on photogrammetry data from actual buildings and locations from the real world that have been scanned in 3D specifically for the game.

You can now try the beta version of Puzzling Places for free on Quest through the Oculus App Lab or subscribe to their Patreon for access to additional monthly (or weekly) test puzzles. It’s still unclear what the exact payment model for Puzzling Places will be on PSVR, but I’d expect a flat rate to download the entire game is likely.

According to the PS blog post, there will be “a whole bunch” of “a lot more content” puzzles at launch that will be released after it’s published – so take this any way you want. Each puzzle is scaled to different levels of difficulty, e.g. E.g. only 50 parts to make something faster and easier, or if you want more to really challenge yourself.

There is no release date for Puzzling Places yet, nor a price, but it is expected to be released this year. Perhaps the game will hit 1.0 on other platforms around the same time.

Let us know what you think of Puzzling Places, and if you’ve tried it for yourself on Quest.

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