10 Greatest Video games You Can Play On Oculus Quest 2

Just like PlayStation and Xbox released their newer consoles last year, VR technology has also been treated with next-gen Oculus Quest 2. This all-in-one VR features new touch controllers and the highest resolution display for the Quest consoles ever.

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The Oculus Quest 2 supports a 90 Hz display, has 6 GB of RAM and 50% more pixels than the first Quest. When it comes to games, players can access the content library available for Quest and newer titles in the universe of Star Wars and The Walking Dead. This console is also compatible with Oculus Link so you can play PC VR titles too. If you are overwhelmed with all of the game options, check out the best you can play on your Oculus Quest 2 right now.

10 Five nights at Freddy’s: Help wanted

Freddy Fazbeard

Before indie titles like Hades or Among Us took over the gaming scene like a storm, FNAF was one of the first indie games to come out of nowhere, and suddenly everyone was playing it. This franchise started out as a silly mobile game with lots of jump scares and a dark story. Today, the FNAF universe has different games, a book series, and even multiple timelines.

The final installment in the series is Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted. Just like with the other games, you start out as a newly hired security guard who must try to survive the grueling animatronics. This time around, fans will play through classic and new mini-games in the FNAF universe.

9 Richie’s plank experience

Someone who walks on a plank in Richie's Plank Experience

Those who are afraid of heights may want to expose them. However, if you like the adrenaline that comes with a tall building, Richie’s Plank Experience is the game for you.

You have to try to walk on a plank that is 80 stories high in this game. But it has more to offer, like the Hero Academy where you can fly through town or the hardcore Nightmare mode. This is the perfect game to showcase your newly purchased Oculus Quest 2 and show how much immersion anyone can get from the console. Bonus points if you actually use a real plank in this game.

8th The thrill of the fight

The thrill of the fight promotional image

Do you remember when the Nintendo Wii came out and you could box those weird looking Wii avatars? Well, the thrill of fighting is something like that, but so much more. In this game, you have your own virtual gym in Oculus Quest 2.

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There you can learn how to land the perfect knockout shot, block hits or dodge swings. It depends on you! This is an ideal game to get through your daily workout and still have fun. So make sure you have the right space to move around and throw a few punches.

7th Continue

Next VR game Oculus Quest 2

FPS are great, but do you know how they could be better? With a comprehensive immersion experience. Onward delivers just that, combining military simulation game with VR technology.

No mini cards are used during the forwarding. Instead, you will have to rely on the coordination and communication with your team to survive this game. There are many game modes such as solo, co-op and competitive. This means that you can play with your friends even if they have a different console as this game supports cross-platform combat.

6 Population: one

Population: A VR game Oculus Quest 2

Battle Royale-type games have been on the rise since Fortnite brought the genre back to life. Just look at the popularity of some of the newer titles like Fall Guys or Spellbreak. If you like these types of games definitely give Population: One a try.

This game has new additions to the genre, such as a unique vertical combat system that allows players to fly through the map or climb onto anything they see. You must also use the environment to your advantage by building strategic cover.

5 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: The VR game Saints & Sinners

The TWD world is rich in lore and compelling characters depicting the best and the worst people. In The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners you can experience the zombie experience up close thanks to VR technology.

This TWD game puts players in New Orleans in a place where they have to sneak, clean up, and fight anything to survive this apocalyptic world. As a survivor, you can choose what type of person you will be and who your friend or enemy is.

4th Job simulator

One of the jobs from Job Simulator

Usually, games try to take players into another world where they can leave real problems like their work behind. Not job simulator. With quirky humor and fun gameplay, this title manages to do something as boring and mundane as jobs are really entertaining.

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In Job Simulator, robots run the world and you can use a simulator to see what jobs were like when humans were still there. You can play as an office worker, gourmet chef, shop clerk, and more. All in the hope that you can learn how to “work”.

3 Superhot VR

Superhot VR kills an enemy

Superhot has been around for a couple of years and still offers a fun experience thanks to its innovative gameplay where time only moves when you do.

The VR version made some improvements to the title to make it the ultimate VR game. In Superhot VR, you are outnumbered and you have no weapon. So you have to use your wits to wrest a weapon from a fallen enemy and solve the puzzle which is a slow motion battle.

2 Star Wars: Tales from the Edge of the Galaxy

Batuus Cantina

The Star Wars universe is so rich in stories and characters that fans will always have something to satiate their hunger for. Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge lets you explore Batuu and play with legendary characters like C-3PO or R2-D2.

Choose your own adventure; You might want to visit the cantina and take on a mission or help out legendary Jedi master Yoda. It’s all up to you!

1 Hit saber

Beat Saber promotional image

You’ve probably seen this game before as it was hugely popular on Twitch, and rightly so. Beat Saber combines the addicting gameplay of Guitar Hero with the physical possibilities of VR technology.

In Beat Saber, you win by slitting open the dice, or beats as they are called in the game, that get in your way. The best part? To do this, you use a lightsaber weapon. There are different types of sabers as some Beats require different weapons to destroy them. So you need to be careful which saber to use and which direction to cut.

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